ImmutableDoc helps software engineering teams keep track of their specifications. Each modification of every single item on the specifications document is preserved and all stake holders are notified.

You can request an invite to ImmutableDoc private beta release here.


Tidlu is a modular event driven IoT gateway device framework. The current version is focused on Raspberry Pi 3 and provides a seamless integration with AWS IoT Core platform. It is built to help developers in rapid prototyping of home automation solutions.

The product is scheduled for launch in the month of June, 2019.


FormHub provides small and medium enterprises a mobile based data collection platform. It converts spreadsheet based forms into native mobile apps and can be deployed on-premise to meet strict data privacy constraints.

We have two clients using it in production environment. It is scheduled for a public launch in third quarter of 2019.


JobsyCast helps technology companies to publish job adverts to multiple niche blogs, newsletters and portals in one click. It is in prototyping stage and is expected to be ready for launch in last quarter of 2019.