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We have developed most of these tools to scratch our own itch. We are using them in production but they need few tweaks before they can be offered as a service. Drop us a mail at hello@krafteer.com if you are interested in joining the private beta for any of these products.


DeployBob takes the pain out of self-hosting. It provisions the servers, configures them with sane defaults, schedules backups and sets up downtime alerts.


Monacto is a handy tool for IoT enthusiasts, DevOps professionals and anyone else who wishes to track their key metrics, receive alerts and trigger actions from their smartphones.


ImmutableDoc helps software engineering teams track their specs. History of each modification of an item on the specifications document is preserved and all stake holders are notified.


Pypelyne is an automation server written in Python. It is purposed for executing long running tasks commonly encountered during deployment and provisioning of cloud infrastructure.


Metricslite is a no-frills, privacy-focused analytics service. It collects only essential metrics, is GDPR compliant and uses no cookies.